Bird Watts - Team Oarsome Foursome

Bird 'The Nerd' Watts - Atlantic Rower

I asked some friends of varying backgrounds to describe in me three words. There was a common trend.... Bonkers, Excitable and Annoying! I think I can say I agree. I am generally quite excitable about life and love to do everything, at all times and at full speed (I believe this to be the part that is annoying, the most common words said to me are "calm down Bird").

I am passionate about the outdoors and love to spend time with my dog Millie whether that's walking, running or cycling, along with enjoying rowing and horses.

I am currently a mature student at Exeter University studying Medical Imaging, trying to keep up the title of 'Bird the Nerd' so I also spend a lot of time commuting from Cornwall to Devon for University, which is a past time I struggle with - sitting still! I will have hopefully completed this degree just before I take off for the Atlantic voyage so 2019 is planned to be a big year for me.

This Atlantic trip is an epic journey that I can't wait to be a part of. I am doing this journey with 3 other fantastic ladies, one of whom is my mum, who are all passionate about the same belief "Life is for living, and anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it", well in this case our bodies too (3000 miles is a long way!!!!). The charities we are supporting are beyond brilliant, and are both providers of a service that any one of us could require at some point in our lives.