Number 4 - Team Oarsome Foursome

Claire “Blaggers” Allinson - Atlantic Rower

They say you’re over the hill at 40 – I say rubbish to that! I relocated to Devon a couple of years ago and married my old school friend, I’m happy to say we are the best of friends now! I have always pushed and challenged myself from jumping out of planes through to camping with scorpions and king snakes in the Grand Canyon.

I have to confess I am not an avid rower – in fact prior to agreeing to this challenge, I had only ever rowed a dragon boat – what was I thinking?! It was Richard's friend, Bird Watts, who came to stay one night and said they needed an extra bod on their ocean boat to row the atlantic – I didn’t hesitate in asking!

For me – I relish a challenge and when I found out the charities we were to support, how could I refuse? My Dad was very ill only 18 months ago and without the blood he received during surgery he simply wouldn’t have survived. If I can create a similar outcome for another devastated family during that difficult time, then 3,000 miles of rowing is nothing is it?

Why Blaggers? My maiden name is Blagbrough.