Bird Watts - Team Oarsome Foursome

Mo O'Brien - Atlantic Rower

Having done a marathon, bike ride in Kenya and rowed across to the Scilly Isles all for charities it's time for a new challenge. I don't like wasting time, life is too short and I like to make a difference when I can. My mum used to say 'where there's a will there's a way' and she was right and so here goes. 1 boat, 4 ladies and 3000 miles to row, all in aid of three very vital and worthwhile charities to benefit our own, beautiful county.

I love being outdoors, particularly in the wind, it's exhilarating and invigorating and it recharges my batteries better than anything else. I spend most of my time with my dog, horses and on the water so can't wait to embrace this new adventure face on.

I have severe hearing difficulties which in itself will produce many amusing moments on board, I often mishear things and respond with ridiculous answers although I'm not sure which is funnier, my nonsense or the recipient's face, it's a two way thing. We will need humour in abundance on this crossing so it's all fine with me.

I am a very determined, strong minded person and am incredibly focused on not only completing this race but doing so in a good time. I will put my all into it from getting us to the start line, raising funds and getting myself in the best shape I can to compete. I will be 60 when we go so miracles will have to be worked, offers of personal trainers gladly received! I hear my mum's words – nothing is impossible - and I aim to prove that's true, I am 100% focused.

When people give me the 'are you mad?' look and say 'are you sure you really want to do this?' I just reply 'I can't wait, why would you want to turn down an opportunity like rowing across the Atlantic?'. I look forward to the challenge and seeing the new marine species we will encounter along the way, the friendship, the humour and fun to be had with three other 'oarsome ladies' and finally of course, the satisfaction of reaching Antigua as well as raising as much money as we can for our chosen charities.

It will be an amazing experience and certainly there'll be another tale or two to tell my grandchildren. I think I'm actually buzzing ….....