Apologies, snowed under

oarsome foursome meeting

Well hello there!


First things first, apologies on no news for far too long, bad Bird! We have all been mega snowed under, literally! With work, training and snow, things just got a little out of hand but we are back on track now and just waving a quick hello with more news coming soon.


All four of us have been training hard in the gym and on the water in the gig. Mo, Linda and Bird are all off the Isles of Scilly soon for the gig championships so have all been training hard on the ergo’s and weights. Claire on the other hand has been a bit of a slacker, but we are letting her off as she has just come back from a lovely honeymoon with her husband Richard. Media Manager Nik has also been hard at it landside, with running events for the last four weekends in snow, rain, sunshine and a tunnel!


We are delighted to be working with some great businesses, and for those ladies in particular who are following us you must take a peek at one of our main sponsors MUTU system. The founder and owner Wendy is a true inspiration and we are so excited to have her on board with us.


Mo has started tackling some of the extra hurdles around how we will adapt as a team with her hearing loss. We have a few ideas in the pipeline so watch this space for those.


So, quick hi and bye from us, but we will be online again very soon with some exciting news so keep an eye out. Please keep sharing our posts and supporting our wonderful charities where you can. Thank you.


Keep dreaming big!


Bird x.

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