‘Can you hear that?’

Mo and bird rowing

I am still buzzing from our adventures last week in Essex with team Rannoch! We had a really good informative morning and as Bird previously mentioned, the Rannoch team were fantastic with my hearing issues. On that note my hearing is already causing all sorts of fits and giggles amongst the girls. We even had a classic ‘Deaf Granny’ moment at Rannoch, when Angus and Bird were both looking at me obviously waiting for some sort of reaction when we were on the boat….


‘Can you hear that?’ they asked.

‘Hear what?’ I said.

‘Mum, the alarm is going off’ said Bird.

‘Oh, I could feel the knocking vibrations’ I replied feeling quite pleased with myself. ‘No mum, that was Angus moving around the boat’, Bird replied with a slight look of despair on her face.


Many amusing moments ahead I’m sure! On Angus’s advice we will be having specialist safety alarms fitted to the boat.

On that note we are seriously looking for some business sponsors now to come and join team ‘Oarsome Foursome’ to help raise some serious funds for our brilliant charities so if you think you can help (in anyway) please do get in touch!

I work in a doctor’s surgery and am amazed that few people know about CORNWALL BLOOD BIKES. This is such a vital service that is run by volunteers in Cornwall for us, they have no funding other than donations and money raised at fund raising events. It would be a tragedy to lose them and so I intend to raise as much as I possibly can for them. The other crew members have chosen the charity they are passionate about and I totally support them too, they are all for the benefit of our county so it will be such an achievement to hit our target of £50,000 which I am sure we will do.

Words by Mo, image by Rannoch Adventure.

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