Hours of preparation!

Mo and bird rowing

Hello there!

So we are so busy now leading up to our row which begins in La Gomera on 12th December 2019 and ends sometime in January/February 2020 in Antigua!

People have been asking how we are managing things and so here goes!

As a team of four ladies, we are juggling many plates. We have a full time student commuting to Uni for 4 hours Mon-Fri, two who work away from home on a frequent basis meaning long commuting hours outside of work hours and in between all of this we need to focus on training and fundraising for the boat – phew!

To give you an idea of how many man-hours Oarsome Foursome are putting in, collectively on a weekly basis they are:

  • Working 220 hours
  • Training 29 hours a week &
  • Spending 16 hours a week trying to raise sponsorship and awareness

= 265 hours per week in total!

Once Liberty the boat returns to the UK, training commences over the whole weekend so the team can get used to the boat and each other in such a small space. Training will increase to around 160 hours per week as this is the commitment each one has made to the team.

So we can all agree, the decision to row the Atlantic should never be taken lightly! You need to consider everyone around you as well as yourself and the commitment they are also making to you as your support crew.

Words by Claire.

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