It’s oh so quiet (on this blog, real life is hectic)!

So, life has got a bit busy for us all the moment with work / family / university but we are still plugging away quietly behind the scenes. The most common question at the moment is “Who IS number 4, aka Darth Vadar, as she is not on your website?”.

Well, she is real and she is also working hard, but for reasons only known to creatures in the depths of the Atlantic, we cannot show your her beautiful face…. yet! Hopefully, by the end of the month she will be public with us.

We have all recently experienced some moments of thankfulness towards the charities we are supporting with close friends and families needing medical services. This is a good reminder of why all this hard work, sleepless nights and endless training will all be worth it if we can raise awareness and some good old fashioned cash for these charities. Please keep sharing and donating everyone, your support is hugely appreciated! Click here to get to our crowdfunding page.

Dream big

Bird x

PS We will be doing a ‘Sponsor special’ soon, so watch this space!


Words and image by Bird.

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