Team Oarsome Foursome visit Rannoch Adventure

Team Oarsome Foursome at Rannoch

What an AMAZING week team Oarsome Foursome are having!

Two of our Oarsome team took a trip to Essex last Wednesday (Linda was sadly tied up with work) to visit Rannoch Adventure‘s open week, and spent some time Angus & Laura.


Angus and Laura were fantastic at talking through everything and made a real effort to ensure Mo, aka the deaf-Granny, was kept well up to speed. Mo and I finally got to row an actual ocean-rowing boat, which we loved, and even though it was a bit windy (and Mo’s first time sliding seat), we had a go at putting some ‘Cornish-welly’ on it! Check out Rannoch Adventure’s OARSOME video of us:


And some photos from our visit too:

We have had a very constructive week talking to potential sponsors and its been great having our new ‘wonder woman’ Nik Bathe / Gadget Angel on board getting our website on the go –

It is starting to really feel real that ‘We are going to row across the Atlantic’ and the next 24 months will fly by so time to really get this ball rolling!


Photos and video courtesy of Rannoch Adventure. Thanks guys for a fab day out!

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