Nik Bathe - Team Oarsome Foursome

Nik Bathe - Media Manager

I'm a late adopter of non-obligatory exercise, taking up running for fun in my late 30s, which is how I met Bird at Truro Running Club. I bribed her to become my running buddy and pacer with homemade cake and Millie sitting. These days I love being outside but when I’m not running, cycling and long distance walking I provide small business support services such as website design and freelance administration and Gadget Angel technical help for non-technical people.

When the spare space in Team Oarsome’s Atlantic Challenge crew was mentioned, I very quickly offered to help set up websites, do social media and other techy things, rather than row 3,000 miles in a tiny boat (no offence ladies!). Much as I love being on the water as a sometime dinghy racer and gin & tonic sailing holiday crew, I’m best suited to land-based tasks on this particular project! I’ll do what I can get to Team Oarsome across the Atlantic and help raise funds for three very worthy charities, because they are all OARSOME!

Thanks ladies and gents, I'm here all week...