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To date we are pleased to announce with the amazing support from all of you, we have raised a total of ......

🌟£67,653! 🌟

Thank you so much to all our sponsors and donators, this could never have happened without you!

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8 months ago we rowed into Antigua after 49 days at sea. In doing this, we wanted to raise awareness and funds for three truly wonderful charities



and Carefree.

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β€œThis incredible opportunity is one that can never be forgotten. It was truly magical on so many levels & it's very hard for me to put into words what it is like out there.”
β €β €
Bird from @OarsomeFour spent 49 days at sea, becoming the fastest female trio to row the Atlantic πŸ’ͺ🏼

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2 months ago today we arrived in Antigua, Where has the time gone and look at how much has changed!
Stay safe everyone and stay at home (or on a boat mid-Atlantic 😜)

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Happy international womens day! Women are Oarsome πŸ’ͺ🀩
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